August 7, 2019 Harold Ellis

Belize is a sovereign country that for many years offers favorable conditions for the registration of offshore companies and the opening of bank accounts. The Incorporation of International Societies of Belize is governed by the International Commercial Companies Law of 1990, which was amended in 2000. In 1962-1981 Belize was a British colony, and only after the ratification of the “International Business Act” began to develop as an independent offshore financial center. Many investors choose the jurisdiction of Belize to do business because it has an excellent tax and commercial legislation, its legal system is based on English Common Law….

August 6, 2019 Harold Ellis

Christmas stands at the door and it is rarely free. An effective way to pay for presents and Christmas food is to cast an extra eye on the declaration already. There are several smart ways to save several thousand dollars if you step into the work before December 31, especially if you have shares or funds. There’s a lot to do where the breaking point is December 31. It’s about deductions and profits and losses that you have to set off against each other, says Ana Manda, family economist at Ikano bank to Vondatch. Vondatch lists in its Article 7…