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Belize is a sovereign country that for many years offers favorable conditions for the registration of offshore companies and the opening of bank accounts.

The Incorporation of International Societies of Belize is governed by the International Commercial Companies Law of 1990, which was amended in 2000. In 1962-1981 Belize was a British colony, and only after the ratification of the “International Business Act” began to develop as an independent offshore financial center.

Many investors choose the jurisdiction of Belize to do business because it has an excellent tax and commercial legislation, its legal system is based on English Common Law.

The level of privacy for its beneficiaries is a very competitive advantage among offshore jurisdictions. Today more than 100 thousand companies are incorporated in the territory of Belize with USD standard currency.

The advantages of offshore companies in Belize

Belize, comparing with other jurisdictions has many benefits when registering an offshore company.

The constitution of an offshore company is exempt from interest taxes or any other distribution of capital, dividends, royalties, inheritance, compensations paid by other companies and offers ample protection of the confidentiality of its owners.

In addition to an attractive tax base, the government talking economically and politically is very stable, that is why monetary exchange controls are not applied, and double taxation agreements do not apply to these international business companies.

With the adoption of offshore legislation thirty years ago, Belize has developed its offshore banking sector that offers the possibility of opening a bank account for international businessmen.

Confidentiality of offshore companies in Belize

Belize offers a very high level of privacy – one of the most important aspects when registering for an entrepreneur.

The important information when forming this company, and that is of interest, is that at the time of registration of the information, it is not presented in the public registry. Therefore the information remains in your agent with a registered license, which is required by law to maintain full confidentiality.

As we mentioned earlier, Belize offers a decent banking sector. There is a large number of international banks that have received their license in Belize and that provide their services all over the world.

That’s why Offshore Pro Group can help you not only create an offshore company, but also obtain a financial license in Belize.

One of the most attractive banks in Belize offers to open an offshore corporate account for only 500 dollars.

Requirements to incorporate a company in Belize (IBC / LLC)

To develop your business successfully in Belize, you have to determine what type of company you require for your business activity.

Please do not wait any longer and incorporate your IBC, You can contact directly with Offshore World Professionals.

The main characteristics and/or requirements of an offshore company in Belize IBC
Director of the companyAt least one director and maybe both the individual and legal entity, resident of any jurisdiction.
Shareholders of the companyAt least one shareholder and can be either the individual or legal entity, resident of any jurisdiction. Director and shareholder can be the same person.
SecretaryIt is not required
Registration agentrequired
Nominative servicePermitted
Authorized capital50,000. US $ divided into 50 thousand shares with a nominal value of 1 USD.
Company nameThe name of the IBC has to end with the suffixes Limited, Limited Liability Company or Abbreviations Ltd, Corp., Inc., LLC, IBC
Shareholders’ Meeting and Board of DirectorsIt is celebrated anywhere in the world (via telephone or internet)
Presentation of the Annual ReportIt is not necessary
Presentation of the Annual Financial ReportIt is not necessary

A few years ago, the requirements for accounting were quite specific and now every owner of your offshore company must take care of this.

The legislative measures adopted in Belize to present the accounting reports are very important, especially when it comes to demonstrating that the business carried out by the entrepreneur from several countries is viable.

Belize is required to keep accounts and maintain the information of all transactions and financial operations of the offshore company at least 5 years after the close of the last fiscal year or transaction.

You can start your business internationally with all the security and allow to carry out your business in an independent and stable country with all the confidentiality.

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